Sanat Kumara

Sanat Kumara is the Planetary Logos of the Earth, and his consciousness encompasses the entire planet and everything on it as well as all the interior.  He is also known as the Silent Watcher, the Initiator, and the Ancient of Days.  He is immortal and he has been with the Earth over eighteen million years.  The earth was in danger of being destroyed when he first came here to save this planet. He also had other volunteers who came with him, and they are known as the Great White Brotherhood of Ascended Masters.  They are people like you and I, who have raised their vibration to the Christ Consciousness level which has enabled them to become ascended.  All the people on earth as human beings are working toward ascension as our brothers have, and that is why they are called Ascended Masters.

Shamballa is the home of Sanat Kumara and it was built by the volunteers who came with him.  He is from the planet, Venus, and they are our sister planet.  Venus will be making a return this year in June, and it will be a very important time for the Earth.  I will be talking more about that closer to the time in June when it is coming close to the Earth.  Shamballa is now on the etheric level, because the vibrations of the people on the Earth became so dense that it had to go into a higher level of vibration.

We are evolving as souls and our next step is ascension, and this will happen in the Aquarian Age which has just begun so many changes are in store for us as human beings on the Earth at this time.  We are heading for the Light once again, and the darkness is on its way out.

Namaste, Darla




Vibrational Frequency

Everything in the universe is energy composed of vibrational frequencies that emcompasses everything

within the universe.  Each human being has their own vibrational frequency, and it can be controlled by

you consciously when you control your thoughts and emotions, words, and deeds.  This takes some

practice, because we can choose how we react to any situation.  We have freewill and we can choose

our words, thoughts, and how we will react.  Being aware, and consciously choosing how we will react

to a situation is ‘”KEY.”   This will limit how much you can be controlled by the lower frequences that

are negative to you, such as hate, fear, greed, jealousy, materialism, etc.  These all vibrate at a lower

rate.  Reach for higher vibrations such as keeping yourself vibrating at the Christ Consciousness level.

This can be achieved by asking for it everyday, as I told you in an earlier post.



To help move yourself toward ascension and raise your vibrational level you can call on Archangel Michael to

cleanse your auric field, your chakras, and fill you with Divine Light on ALL  levels of your Beingness.  It is

good to do this each morning when you wake up and at night before going to sleep.  Archangel Michael is

here to help mankind and protect those who are searching for the Light.  He will protect you if you call  on

him to come down and surround you in Divine Light, then ask him to clear your auric field and chakras. Use

visualization along with this to make it more effective such as seeing the Light filling your auric field and

chakras.  Ask him to remove all things not of the Light or for your highest and best good .  To ask for your vibrations be

raised to the Christ Consciousness level and visualize this happening.

To all Lightworkers stay positive!


Message from Ascended Master Djwhal Khul

To all people of the world today do not be in fear for this will cause the vibrations in your auric field to

be lowered to the point you will not be open to the higher levels of consciousness where important messages

of Divine Light originate.  Be aware of changes going on around you, but do not let your emotions go into

the fear mode.  Keep your emotions on the positive side and do affirmations every day or when you feel

yourself being pulled into a negative mode.

For instance you can say with strength and conviction:




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